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This term refers to the treatment of all problems of the gums and the bone that supports the teeth. Each tooth is embedded in the bone, strongly united by a series of structures that guarantee its strength and correct functioning.

Sometimes, the structures that surround and support the tooth (gums and bone), can be affected and if they are not treated in time, we can lose our teeth. At Family Dental, we can detect the different phases of this process and help correct them. This process is called periodontitis.

In the initial states it can be corrected. But it tends to be a chronic condition. This means that when the state of the disease is advanced and a lot of bone support has been lost, the most that can be done is to stop the progression of the disease so that it does not continue. Lost bone is difficult to recover. However, there are regenerative techniques that sometimes work very well. At Family Dental we can assess whether the patient is susceptible to this type of treatment.

The basic treatment consists of eliminating the existing infection by thoroughly cleaning the entire mouth, under local anesthesia. If the state is very advanced or regeneration is required, a small surgical intervention is required, also under local anesthesia. Treatment can be complemented with the use of antibiotics.

The most important thing is that the patient is aware of his problem and assumes that, after the initial treatment, at least once a year he must go to the dentist for maintenance cleanings, for the rest of his life. Oral hygiene is essential to treat these types of problems. Only in this way is effective therapy achieved.